Progress doesn’t happen without people, their volunteering, their ideas, their time and their money. Our members are proud to be part of the most innovative group in the area.

Our impact is being felt throughout the community. Last year alone over 5,000 people attended major events held in the community, including our flagship project, “Gateway of Chaos” a Haunted House Attraction and the Independence Day Celebration. Visitors from all over the Midwest arrived to celebrate here. It is through events like these, that we draw people to our wonderful city. Our impact in numbers will only grow as our organization, our community and pride in our community grows. Our non-profit fundraising events benefit the community by increasing business revenue. Our community betterment projects help to improve the quality of life in our town.

We give back to our community in countless ways. We encourage you to become a member. Membership dues are reasonable, but the effects are 10 fold. Join now and become part of an exciting, progressive organization!

2016 Membership Form

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